My latest book Think Home is out now! Available in store and online.

By Judith Wilson
...Think Home takes a systematic and considered approach to decorating, from planning, assessing and budgeting for the task in hand to configuring spaces to suit their purpose perfectly and using colour and texture creatively. Inspiring and informative, it is full of clever solutions and expert advice for comfortable modern living.
— Homes & Gardens
The call for a more thoughtful approach to interior design is echoed in Judith Wilson’s latest book, Think Home. Its basic message is to encourage people to stop and think, instead of rushing into an ill-advised decoration spree... Homeowners with magpie tendencies will gravitate towards its colourful and eclectic approach to redecorating...
— House & Garden
Think Home encourages readers to take the task of designing a home one step at a time. Starting with planning and budgeting, the book also offers colour and texture suggestions and ways to create ‘zones’, from family-friendly spaces to quiet retreats.
— Elle Decoration